Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It all really comes back to the simple pleasures in life, doesn't it?

It's currently snowing. Now, generally, I hate snow; it's only pretty until the plows come by, it causes accidents, and it has to be shoveled. But today... today I'm excited for the snow, not because I get a day off from school or work, and not because I plan to build a snowman (because neither is true), but because Nor'Easters are part of a New England winter.

Think back to when you were a kid - in elementary school, say - and remember how excited you got when you heard the weather man predict snow in Friday's forecast. Remember how you felt like it was a gift from above because you had a big test that day, or how happy you were to be able to stay home and play in the fluffy white stuff with your siblings. A snow day meant sleeping in a little bit, bundling up in layers, and dragging your pink plastic sled up a nearby hill. The layers kept you warm as you hurled snowballs at your sister and as you slid down the slippery slope into a pile of freshly fallen snow. You'd come in from a couple hours of frolicking in the snow with slightly frostbitten fingers only to find a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you. Man, those were the days.

As time passed and you grew up a bit, snow in the forecast translated to extra homework to make up for the inevitable day off from school and a shovel with your name on it. It meant a longer shift at work the day before the storm, and an extra bag of rock salt in the front hall. And you know, that's a part of growing up and accepting adult responsibilities, but there's no reason you can't still enjoy a snowy day. After all, this IS New England and we all know the roads won't be passable until at least 2pm. So sleep in a bit. Stay in your comfy clothes and watch a movie. Start a snowball fight. Spike your hot cocoa. Just don't let the impending storm keep you from enjoying a beautiful part of a New England winter.

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