Monday, April 26, 2010

Let The Music Move Your Soul

There are so many times I'm minding my own business, listening to music while I write a paper or browse the net, and a song comes on that I just can't ignore. Maybe it's a certain word that brings your attention to the noise you've put on in the background, or maybe it's the first couple notes, but either way, you can't help but stop typing for a while and just listen. You know what I'm talking about. You know you've been there. And you know that there's nothing better than these songs that evoke emotion and make you pay attention. Sometimes they change your heart or your mind, and sometimes they remind you of someone or something. Sometimes you may even feel like the song was written just for you. Sometimes you don't really know what it is that forces you to listen, but you don't mind. The song may inspire you to do something wonderful, or the song may help to make up your mind about a situation. Whatever the reason, you can't help but listen, and these songs are the ones that make me fall in love with life all over again. :)

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